1. Creating the Shoes

Measures of feet required to create a three dimensional form known as a last. For Made to Order standard measures are used. For Custom and Unique Couture more exacting measures are required for an even better fit.

2. Making a Last

Lasts are carved especially to the measures. Incorporating every aspect of your foot and details of your chosen style.

3. Creating Patterns

From the lasts a pattern is created for the design of shoe required.

4. The Clicker

A Clicker takes the pattern and the chosen material is carefully cut, or 'clicked' out, making sure the stretch of the skin is in the correct direction to ensure proper movement in wear.

5. The Closer

A Closer expertly creates the upper, not only stitching the various parts together, but making any punching notching or other features in the design.

6. The Shoemaker

A shoemaker takes the lasts and uppers and shapes an insole and attaches the sole by hand. The heels are then built to the requested shape.The shoes then have a finish to the sole and edges.

7. A Lining Sock

The lasts are removed after a drying period. Then the inside of the shoe cleaned and finished with a lining sock.

8. The Finished Shoe

Finally the shoes are polished to bring out the natural beauty of the skin or enhance the patina as desired.

9. Shoe Trees

To help preserve the shape of the shoes a pair of shoe trees can be made in a verity of wood types and designs from a copy of the lasts and adapted to use as trees. The wood absorbs excess moisture as well as keeping the original form.


Gentry Bespoke was created by master lastmaker Steven Lowe.

In 1984 Steven started his career with an apprenticeship as a fitter and Lastmaker at John Lobb Bootmaker.

As a master fitter serving clients from around the world Steven continued to acquire the other various disciplines within the trade to give the best knowledgeable service possible.

After 28 years Steven decided to create his own company making custom fit Lasts and shoe and boot trees supplying many shoe companies in London and beyond.

 Aiding many shoemakers, passing on skills and knowledge to his contemporaries and the next generation.

Actively holding conferences and presentations to keep the traditions of the trade from becoming diluted or lost.

With his own vision of classic and contemporary designs he decided to offer a footwear service unrivalled in its approach.

From our workshop in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Gentry Bespoke design footwear for our loyal clientele.

All shoes are then made by hand to the service requested  as you will see on this website. 

A made to order remote service is available. as well as events to try on for size.

To arrange a private fitting for any of our services please choose this in our shop and we can confirm a suitable date and time. This cost will be offset in full from the eventual confirmed order choice.

A custom service to allow for self measure and in person at events or by appointment.

A Unique Couture Service to provide for a clients exact requirements. These can be either at the Eastbourne workshop, at events, or at a clients home or office preferably by appointment.



The Gentry Bespoke made to order service.

 Gives you the ability to choose.:

Shoe sizes including half sizes.

Select your design from our range.

Different Toe shapes 2 for men - 5 for women available.

Women have also heel shape options.

Pick your material from Calf, Suede or Patent.

Shoe trees included.

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Made by adapting one of our existing Last range sizes to take in to account any differences in your feet This allows for an enhanced fit and any alterations to existing designs


Made entirely to measure in both traditional and contemporary designs for all footwear needs. Your feet will be measured with an outline and various measurements around each foot. These are used to create lasts produced to your measures and every aspect to the shoe will be prepared specifically to the last created.

Every client may choose from a wide selection of materials from a range of samples designs and drawings as well as creating entirely new styles if requested.

Toe shapes, sole thickness and finishes and other embellishments can be discussed during the measuring and ordering stage. Created by craftspeople, all of whom have served apprenticeships to acquire their particular specialised skills.

A three dimensional form known as a Last is required for any shoe to be made. A standard size is used for Made to order, an adjusted last from our standard sizes is adapted for Custom and a hand made last is created for Unique Couture.

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Made to Order:

Approximately 6 weeks to produce your personally selected handmade shoes.


Approximately 8 weeks to produce your personally fitted and selected hand made shoes.

Unique Couture:

After approximately six months of work, your Unique Couture shoes are ready to be delivered. In all some 50 hours of work will have been used to create a pair of shoes. Seven expert disciplines each with its own apprenticeship.

 Around half the delivery time for subsequent orders.


All orders:

All orders require full payment in advance.
 Due to the nature of the product only exchanges can be made due to any unnatural material defects after an order is placed.

By appointment, outside the workshop or an event, an offset charge will apply.

Appointment within the UK This will be the sum of our lowest priced Made to order pair of shoes. This fee will be offset against an order placed at the specified appointment time and date, resulting in no appointment fee. The fee is non refundable in the case of an order not being placed or cancellation of appointment on the day.                                                                                                              

Prior notice of appointment cancellation a full refund can be arranged.                                    
Any appointments outside the UK are by arrangement a fee agreed prior to such an appointment.

All custom lasts will be stored for any future use for the individual client for which it is made and remains our property. If no orders are placed after initial use within a certain time period, dependent on storage demands, we will endeavour to contact the client prior to the process of removing the lasts from our storage. In the event of this happening a new pair of lasts will need to be produced.

By placing an order and paying you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Further Terms and conditions along with Privacy can be found on our shop page.

For any enquiries or to arrange an appointment, please call or email:

0044 (0) 1323 723 424

0044 (0) 7749720051